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A carbon fiber bike filament winder controlled by Arduino
Bryan Kevan wanted to build his own bicycle, but wasn’t satisfied with purchasing a frame—or even ready-made tubing. He instead chose to create the frame from raw strands of carbon fiber.  The overall bike build is shown here, which necessitated him designing a variety of jigs, including a CNC wrapping machine. His device uses an […]
(2019-1-19 03:04:29)
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An RFID-powered seating chart for your wedding
Seating charts at weddings and other formal events are usually handled by small cards at each table, but Gabrielle Martinfortier had other plans.  For her big event, she along with help from her now-husband and friends constructed a seating arrangement on a 3’ x 4’ wood canvas, equipped with a 7” TFT display and an […]
(2019-1-18 04:48:25)
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This robot is eggsactly what you need to cook breakfast
Normally, boiling an egg involves heating water in a saucepan, then dropping an egg inside to be properly heated. James Bruton, however, now has a bit of help in the form of his breakfast-making robot.  The device uses two servos, along with a motor/encoder/screw assembly to rotate and lower the egg into place. It then […]
(2019-1-18 04:40:50)
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This Arduino-powered piano can play just about any MIDI file
After letting his Arduino languish in a drawer for some time, Brandon Switzer decided to take it out and start experimenting. While he could have started off small, Switzer chose to instead create his own player piano system, completing it at a cost of around $650. While the details of the project aren’t explicitly spelled […]
(2019-1-17 00:40:54)
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Hunt the Wumpus comes to Arduino!
Hunt the Wumpus is a text-based survival/horror game developed in 1973. As such, it’s perhaps due for an update, and Benjamin C. Faure was able to do so using an Arduino Mega to run a graphical version on an 8×8 MAX7219 LED display. The game consists of moving your character through the 64-LED randomly generated […]
(2019-1-16 02:00:03)