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Measure voltage and current with the Tiny V/A Meter
Measuring voltage with a multimeter is easy enough, and current is a bit harder, but reading both values simultaneously can be a challenge. If you’re tired of having to replug or find two meters, then look no further than Karl Kristian Torp’s palm-sized Tiny V/A.  His Arduino Nano-based unit takes input from a power supply […]
(2020-6-4 03:38:27)
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Monitoring CPU usage with an Arc Reactor
Iron Man Arc Reactors have brought joy to makers of all ages, whether as something cool on a movie screen, as a hacked together light assembly, or even a cosplay prop created from a DIY kit. Michael Klements decided to turn one of these kits into something more, by hooking it up to act as a […]
(2020-6-3 23:25:48)
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Cut the grass from a distance using an RC lawn mower
If you grew up watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids, you may recall the scene with Wayne Szalinski’s remote-controlled lawn mower. Inspired by the 1989 film, “elliotmade” designed a version of his own a few years ago that’s still functioning today. With a successful proof of concept, he decided to assemble a second version featuring some […]
(2020-6-3 10:31:54)
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Enjoy VR games on your PC with this Arduino-based DIY headset
If you want a virtual reality headset for your computer, but don’t want to dig deep into your pockets, this project by “jamesvdberg” (AKA Killer Robotics) presents a low-cost alternative.  Although it won’t pack the capabilities of an Oculus or HTC Vive, jamesvdberg’s VR rig can be replicated for just $80 using a Google cardboard-compatible shell, along […]
(2020-6-3 01:19:21)
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This Arduino-powered LED matrix mask responds to your voice
When wearing a face mask nowadays, you can’t show expressions in the same ways that we’re all accustomed to. As a possible solution to this problem, programmer Tyler Glaiel decided to create a custom covering with an 8×8 LED matrix that picks up his voice and imitates his mouth moving. It even allows him to […]
(2020-6-2 21:26:38)