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Build a 4-button arcade game out of LEGO
If your kids (or you) have somehow gotten tired of playing with LEGO bricks, Lenka Design Workshop has a great way for you to breathe new life into this unused pile.  Their game enclosure consists of a 32×32 LEGO baseplate, along with walls made of blocks to support a clear acrylic cover. This in turn […]
(2018-8-17 23:58:15)
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Make your own soda fountain out of cardboard
If you’re ever wanted to make something awesome, but thought that you just didn’t have the right tools to do so, this soda fountain by “The Wrench” could provide the needed inspiration.  The project uses an Arduino Nano to control a small air pump via a relay, which turns on when a glass is the […]
(2018-8-17 06:10:05)
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An Arduino-controlled turntable for 3D scanning
Many DSLR cameras can be operated with a simple infrared signal, making them perfect targets for Arduino control. Travis Antoniello took advantage of this with his brilliantly simple 3D scanning rig. Electronics are handled by an Arduino Uno, which commands a stepper motor to rotate a scanning platform 10 degrees per photo. After rotation, it […]
(2018-8-17 01:34:10)
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Turn the pages on your Kindle remotely with Arduino
As seen here, Alex Mikes enjoys reading his Kindle in bed at night, but prefers to use a stand rather than hold it in his hands. The one disadvantage to this is that one normally has to lift his or her hand up to change pages. Thanks to a clever bit of engineering, Mikes only […]
(2018-8-17 01:21:20)
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Monopoly transformed into the world of Skyrim with LEDs and Arduino
While “Boardwalk” and “Park Place” may not mean anything to you outside of the game of Monopoly, there is a plethora of custom versions to suit your particular interest. If you enjoy the world of Skyrim, then you need to check out this board by Charles Ledford.  The build features an anodized aluminum playfield coated in […]
(2018-8-14 22:38:42)