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Gorgeous Nixie clock features three types of tubes
Nixie tubes require electricity in the range of 180VDC, making them challenging to work with. Maker Christine Thompson, however, decided to take Nixie art to a new level, creating a clock with three different types of tubes!  This clock, or perhaps more accurately “info display,” shows the time and date with six IN-18 tubes mounted […]
(2019-3-22 23:37:06)
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A brilliant clock made out of 128 LED-lit ping pong balls
Ping pong balls have long been known as excellent LED diffusers, but few have taken this technique as far as Thomas Jensma. His colorful clock features 128 LEDs, arranged in an alternating pattern, and housed in a stretched-out hexagonal wood frame.  Everything is controlled by an Arduino Nano, along with an RTC module for accurate […]
(2019-3-22 23:15:09)
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Arduino Day 2019: Thank you 659 times!
This year’s Arduino Day, held on March 16th, consisted of 659 celebrations across 106 countries with talks, project exhibitions, open activities, workshops, live demos, hackathons, and Ask the Expert sessions. The Official Arduino Day event took place in Milan, in collaboration with Manifattura (see photos), where Massimo Banzi and Fabio Violante unveiled some important figures […]
(2019-3-21 20:03:59)
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Add visual effects to your MIDI input pad with NeoPixels
Michael Sobolak was inspired by the hardware dedicated to Ableton digital audio software, along with the DIY MIDI Fighter pads that others have constructed, to make his own light-up version.  His device is cut out of ¼-inch MDF, housing a 4×4 array of main buttons, 18 smaller buttons on the bottom and eight potentiometers, four […]
(2019-3-21 05:42:29)
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Small-scale Nano setup with pullup inputs and CR2032 batteries
Arduino boards are used in a wide—massive even—variety of projects. Sometimes, however, all you need is something to give your project the ability to blink an LED, sound an alarm, or accomplish some other simple task.  For this purpose, maker Jeremy S. Cook has developed a sort of standard method for using these devices, with […]
(2019-3-20 21:40:38)