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(Almost) autonomous kids’ vehicle with Arduino
While the world seems to be focusing on self-driving cars, maker Sieuwe Elferink has instead turned his attention to creating a semi-autonomous kids’ four-wheeler. As of now, the modified device can steer itself within a set of lines, and stop for pedestrians and inanimate objects. The augmented vehicle uses an Arduino Nano for control, plus […]
(2018-11-15 01:41:23)
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Creep out guests with an Arduino-controlled teddy bear
Halloween has become something of a hacker holiday, giving creative people the world over a chance to show off their spooky animatronic inventions outside without neighborhood scrutiny. This year, Instructables user “gocivici” created a display inspired by the doll in a rocking chair featured in the movie Annabelle, but decided to use an Arduino-infused teddy […]
(2018-11-15 01:35:33)
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Arduino PRO Gateway for LoRa now available for pre-order
We are very happy to announce the Arduino PRO Gateway for LoRa! Combined with Arduino MKR WAN 1300 IoT nodes, it makes an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, like smart agriculture, smart cities and building automation – and many other remote monitoring use cases requiring long range, low power wireless connectivity. The gateway […]
(2018-11-14 19:39:57)
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Dual Arduino “CNC” control
Generally when you work with CNC machinery, you program it on a computer, then allow a controller to automatically run through a cutting routine. Arduino boards have long been used for this kind of control through the grbl software package, but YouTuber Electronoobs decided to do things a bit differently. His setup takes input from […]
(2018-11-14 02:17:11)
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Arduino Mega controls this amazing water organ
Earlier this year, artist Niklas Roy was invited to participate in the Drehmoment art festival that takes place in the south-west of Germany. The “catch” to this festival is that each artist was invited to team up with a local company to take advantage of their products and resources. Of these was cleaning equipment brand […]
(2018-11-8 01:31:08)