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Create a coffee notification system for your office
Hacker “wesgood,” apparently not satisfied with randomly checking the office coffee pot to see if a fresh brew was available, decided to make his own notification system. His device uses a current sensor to monitor power usage of the coffee pot, and after some observation, he was able to pick out its brewing pattern—7A at […]
(2018-2-24 00:13:20)
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Strange vocal interactions with ‘you, me and all these machines’
Moscow-based artist ::vtol:: is back again with an interesting interactive exhibit entitled “you, me and all these machines.” His latest work, a collaboration with Lovozero, allows two participants to produce otherworldly vocals together. One participant wears the device, which points a directional microphone under the control of the other participant at her mouth using a servo […]
(2018-2-23 01:23:55)
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Designing an Arduino-powered split-flap display
If you’d like a split-flap display with numbers and letters, options tend to be quite expensive. This though was no problem for hacker “scottbez1” who reports that after “only” two-plus years of work, he has produced a split-flap assembly that plugs into an Arduino Uno as a sort of external shield. The device employs inexpensive stepper […]
(2018-2-23 01:14:02)
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Lunar landing conspiracy put to rest(?) with LIDAR
On July 20th, 1969 man first set foot on the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, or so they say. If it was faked, or so the theory goes, one would think that there were a few details that don’t quite add up. One such theory is that the hatch on the lunar module isn’t […]
(2018-2-21 07:03:20)
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Levitate water drops with RGB LEDs and Arduino
Water normally falls from the sky to the ground, the time fountain from hacker isaac879 appears to work much differently. As shown in the video below, water droplets somehow levitate from a circular orange apparatus to a blue one on top. The trick here is that the water isn’t actually falling up, but appears that way […]
(2018-2-20 05:24:32)