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NASA to Live Stream Symposium on Exoplanet Science
The symposium, titled “Rocky Exoplanets in the Era of NASA’s Webb: Theory and Observation” is the second symposium hosted by the Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration (SEEC) at Goddard.
(2019-11-1 00:30:00)
Solar System and Beyond
NASA Scientist to Discuss “From the Sun to Solar Wind” at Library of Congress Lecture
The public is invited to a free lecture called ‘From the Sun to Solar Wind: The Perplexing Solar Corona and the Space Environment it Creates.’
(2019-10-31 22:23:00)
Solar System and Beyond
NASA’s Planetary Protection Review Addresses Changing Reality of Space Exploration
NASA released a report Friday with recommendations from the Planetary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB) the agency established in response to a recent National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report and a recommendation from the NASA Advisory Council.
(2019-10-19 00:14:00)
Solar System and Beyond
NASA to Discuss Planetary Protection Review’s Findings and Recommendations
NASA will host a media teleconference at 3:30 p.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 18, to discuss recommendations presented by the Planetary Protection Independent Review Board (PPIRB), established in June 2019 by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate.
(2019-10-17 01:01:00)
Solar System and Beyond
NASA Spacecraft Launches on Mission to Explore Frontier of Space
After successfully launching Thursday night, NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) spacecraft is in orbit for a first-of-its-kind mission to study a region of space where changes can disrupt communications and satellite orbits, and even increase radiation risks to astronauts.
(2019-10-11 11:29:00)