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Students Help NASA Researchers Decide What Plants to Grow in Space
Students help NASA researchers decide what plants to grow in space.
(2018-4-20 01:04:00)
On the Station – Latest News
NASA Takes First 3-D Microscopic Image on the Space Station
Standard flat imagery of space science is a thing of the past for researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G). Using the International Space Station’s newly upgraded microscope, the Light Microscopy Module (LMM), scientists can now see microscopic particles in 3-dimensional images.
(2018-4-19 00:57:00)
On the Station – Latest News
New NASA E-Book Offers Inside Look at Space Station Flight Controllers
“I wanted to tell the story of the women and men who quietly work around the clock making human spaceflight a spectacular success from behind the scenes,” said Flight Director Robert Dempsey, lead author and executive editor of the book.
(2018-4-14 03:10:00)
On the Station – Latest News
Space Station Science Highlights: Week of April 9, 2018
With the dust settling from the recent arrival of SpaceX CRS-14, the Expedition 55 crew members aboard the International Space Station had a week chock full of new and old science investigations to be commenced, continued and completed.
(2018-4-14 02:17:00)
On the Station – Latest News
Astronaut Drew Feustel Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day with a Replica of Drawing First Flown in Space by the Late Ilan Ramon
Astronaut Drew Feustel took with him to space a copy of a special drawing entitled “Moon Landscape” which was created by a Jewish Czech boy named Petr Ginz while incarcerated in during World War II.
(2018-4-12 22:00:00)