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Space Station Science Highlights: Week of January 7, 2019
The three Expedition 58 crew members aboard the International Space Station have finished packing the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft with science experiments and hardware. The vehicle splashed down on on Sunday, Jan. 13.
(2019-1-15 04:31:00)
On the Station – Latest News
Aging Faster in Space to Age Better on Earth
Rodent Research-8 (RR-8) examines the physiology of aging and the effect of age on disease progression using groups of young and old mice flown in space and kept on Earth.
(2019-1-12 03:21:00)
On the Station – Latest News
Space Station Science Highlights: Week of December 17, 2018
After contributing to hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science aboard the world-class orbiting laboratory, three members of the International Space Station’s Expedition 57 crew, including NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor, returned to Earth Thursday, safely landing at 12:02 a.m. EST in Kazakhstan.
(2018-12-22 03:04:00)
On the Station – Latest News
The Coolest Experiment in the Universe
Inside NASA’s Cold Atom Lab on the International Space Station, scientists are creating something colder than a winter’s night in Antarctica — or even the dark side of the Moon.
(2018-12-21 02:39:00)
On the Station – Latest News
Crystal Clear: Finding Ways to Protect Crews from the Effects of Space Radiation
In the near future, crews will embark on multi-month missions to the Moon, and eventually Mars and beyond, and will need to deal with the hazards of long-duration spaceflight, including radiation.
(2018-12-20 05:40:00)