NASA International Space Station Reports

ISS On-Orbit Status Report
ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/21/2020
Payloads Robo-Pro Challenge: The crew performed a checkout out of the Robo-Pro Challenge configuration. The purpose of the checkout was to: 1. Verify Data and voice capability between ISS and participating space centers; 2. Confirm proper target marker locations in the JEM Module using the Astrobee Bumble unit; 3. Allow Bumble to route the expected …
(2020-5-22 01:00:55)
ISS On-Orbit Status Report
ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/20/2020
Payloads  Astrobee: The crew powered on the Astrobee units for 4hrs to allow ground to perform systems evaluations. Astrobee is made up of three free-flying, cube-shaped robots which are designed to help scientists and engineers develop and test technologies for use in microgravity to assist astronauts with routine chores, and give ground controllers additional eyes …
(2020-5-21 01:00:53)
ISS On-Orbit Status Report
ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/19/2020
Payloads  Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments (ACME): The crew replaced Nitrogen/Oxygen manifold bottles in support of the continuing s-Flames investigation. The ACME experiment series being performed in the CIR includes five independent studies of gaseous flames. The primary goals of ACME are to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollutant production in routine fuel combustion activities …
(2020-5-20 01:00:40)
ISS On-Orbit Status Report
ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/18/2020
Payloads  Materials Science Laboratory- Sample Cartridge Assembly-Gravitational Effects on Distortion in Sintering (MSL SCA-GEDS-German): The crew performed the activities needed to exchange the processed GEDS science sample cartridge assembly (SCA) with a new SCA. Liquid phase sintering is an important means to fabricate net-shape composite materials for applications over a range of industries. The science …
(2020-5-19 01:00:02)
ISS On-Orbit Status Report
ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/15/2020
Payloads  Cryo Chiller: Following the checkout of the unit earlier this week, the Cryo Chiller was warmed up, the crew removed the sample cartridge insert, and inserted a desiccant pack.  Cryo Chiller is a single Expedite the Processing of Experiments to Space Station (EXPRESS) locker replacement unit which provides rapid freezing capability in support of …
(2020-5-16 01:00:09)