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Chandra Images
A Crab Walks Through Time
Next year marks the 20th anniversary of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory launch into space. The Crab Nebula was one of the first objects that Chandra examined with its sharp X-ray vision, and it has been a frequent target of the telescope ever since.
(2018-3-14 21:00:00)
Chandra Images
Beaming with the Light of Millions of Suns
Researchers using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have identified a fourth ultraluminous X-ray source, or ULX, as being a neutron star, and found new clues about how these objects can shine so brightly.
(2018-3-2 23:12:00)
Chandra Images
Researchers Catch Supermassive Black Hole Burping – Twice
Astronomers have caught a supermassive black hole in a distant galaxy snacking on gas and then “burping” – not once, but twice.
(2018-1-11 22:00:00)
Chandra Images
Chandra Reveals the Elementary Nature of Cassiopeia A
Due to its unique evolutionary status, Cassiopeia A (Cas A) is one of the most intensely studied of these supernova remnants.
(2017-12-12 23:33:00)
Chandra Images
The Dynamic Duo: Jupiter's Independently Pulsating X-ray Auroras
Jupiter’s intense northern and southern lights, or auroras, behave independently of each other according to a new study using NASA’s Chandra X-ray and ESA’s XMM-Newton observatories.
(2017-11-7 01:29:00)